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Selasa, 3 Ogos 2010

The Tongue Twisting Contest

Monday- 2nd August 2010 at Dataran SRIAS.

Muallim Ali was handling the contest. Nice rostrum located near the stage.

Hafizudin from 4 Al-Farisi was chosen as the first contestant in this contest. Standing smartly above the stage. Waiting for judges to start the contest.

The picture of Hafizudin is more clearly. Very polite. More interesting and nice pictures during this competition below.

All the judges during this competition. Muallim Harith was conducted the contest.

Amirul Haikal standing nicely and get ready to answer the question given by the judges.

 All the pupils were paying almost full attention during this competition.

                         Some of the pupils prayed for their friends that involved in this competition.                                  

Haziq was the second contestant. His hand was shaking. We assumed that there was a strong wind.

Wan Mohd Ihsan, the only prefect's boy participated in this competition. Looks like an artist.

Amirah Izzati, one of two girls that participated in this contest. She had shown a very good performance.

A cute girl named Maryam Yusra performed her very best performance.

Different action by every participants.

Prizing ceremony by Muallimah Rohayah.

Finally, the prizing ceremony had been conducted by Muallim Ali and the contest ended.

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